Dress Up Your Truck with These Truck Accessories

Today’s trucks are practical and fun to drive, with all the comforts of a family sedan. Unlike the pickup trucks of decades ago when they were just bare-bones work vehicles, today’s vehicles offer comfort and customization. Part of the reason why trucks have become so popular is the range of truck accessories you can outfit it with. Customize your truck for work and practicality, off-road endurance or to make a statement. At The Truck Shop, we are the trusted name in truck accessories for Naperville and the surrounding areas and can help you truly make your truck your own! Here are some of the truck accessories we offer to help dress up your truck:

leer truck caps aurora

Caps & Covers

Obviously, you bought a truck for the hauling capacity of the bed, but you can’t always leave things out in the open and uncovered in a truck bed. A tonneau cover or truck cap can offer the perfect solution and depending on what you need, there is a variety to choose from. They come in many styles including folding, roll-up, fiberglass covers, and more. 

Step Bars & Running Boards

Step bars and running boards make a stylish addition to the truck’s exterior. Plus, they make it easier to get up into the truck’s cab. We carry many different brands and styles to choose from in order to match the style and needs of your truck.


Penda bed liners offer up to twice the skid resistance of other drop-in or spray-on bedliners. Bedrug truck bed liners feature rugged construction to handle heavy cargo. They also feature an anti-skid surface to prevent cargo from sliding.


Decked storage systems are low profile truck bed toolbox systems that feature toolbox slides to store tools, gear, and other items in heavy-duty drawers at waist height, while allowing the truck owner to have full use of their truck or van bed. Weather Guard toolboxes feature diamond plated patterns with an ARMOR TUF clear coat finish to ensure years of durability and dependability.

Come by our showroom to see the truck accessories we have for sale. Our expert staff members are ready to answer your questions and help you choose the best truck accessories to outfit your unique truck! To learn more about truck accessories in the Naperville area, call The Truck Shop, Inc. at 847-455-2233, contact us to get a Free Estimate, visit our showroom in Franklin Park.