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Are you planning your next vacation? Rather than suffering through the process of finding an affordable, quality hotel, instead, bring the comfort of home with you on the road! With Cruise America RV rentals in Franklin Park through The Truck Shop, you can enjoy the peace of your own space while traveling the country!

At The Truck Shop, we are proud to be Illinois’ premier Cruise America dealer – offering you an affordable way to travel with your family! Cruise America offers both rental RVs and discounted RVs for sale – and with locations nationwide for pick up and drop off, you can plan the trip of a lifetime in your home on the road!

With The Truck Shop as your facilitator, we can help ensure that you get the best experience possible throughout your RV rental – from getting you the exact RV you want to helping determine the best location for pick up and drop off.

Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime? Give us a call today to discuss your next RV rental! We are happy to answer any questions you may have and help you get the perfect RV booked for your upcoming trip.

RV rental from Cruise America

Cruise America RV Rental through The Truck Shop

The Truck Shop is proud to offer this additional service beyond just our one-stop shop for all of your truck accessories. When you choose to rent an RV, you get more than just a temporary home on the road – you get an adventure, memories that will last a lifetime, and peace of mind that you know where you’ll be sleeping each night. No more worries about planning out each individual leg of your road trip to ensure you have hotels booked each night, or concerns about whether the hotel you stumble into after a long day of driving will have openings!

With RV rentals from Cruise America, you can choose between three sizes of RVs – 19, 25 and 30 feet. You can choose the best fit for you and your family or travel companions! Additionally, Cruise America RV rentals require a three-night minimum booking. However, after spending three nights in the comfort of your own home on the road, you may wish you had extended your rental even longer!

So, give us a call today to book your RV rentals for your next adventure!

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Are you ready to plan the adventure of a lifetime? Schedule your RV rentals through Cruise America in Franklin Park today! Call The Truck Shop today at 847-451-9662 or contact us!