Why Choose Leer Truck Caps

Your pickup is more than just a truck; it takes you where you need to go and provides a safe, secure place to store important tools for work and fun alike. Your truck is often your personal space and can be a reflection of who you are and what you do. That’s why, when Leer engineers a truck cap, they make sure it is going to help you make the most of every mile, job, or adventure. Here at the Truck Shop, we carry Leer truck caps for Aurora and the surrounding areas and are here to tell you more about why they make such a great choice for pickups of all types.

leer truck caps aurora

First of all, Leer offers a variety of options for almost every year, make and model. You’re sure to find the right fit for your unique truck with Leer truck caps. Whether you need a cab-high truck cap that screams “space” and “style,” or your life demands a mid or high-rise cap to get your work done, Leer offers the right cap for your pickup. They also offer options exclusive to Leer including:

  • Ceiling mounted lockable storage bins
  • Ceiling mounted cargo nets
  • Keyless remotes
  • Removable front window 
  • Front sliding window
  • The Leer Twist Handle
  • 3-outlet 12v Powerblock
  • And more

Leer truck caps also offer an inside release; an important safety measure many other manufacturers leave out. You can see throughout the Leer product line that their engineers and designer are always looking for ways to improve your truck. For example, LEER’s famous high-rise profile features an oversized rear door with double T-handle locks and comes complete with large bay windows and screened, sliding windows.

Ready to find the right Leer truck caps for your unique truck needs? Here at The Truck Shop, we have experience with Leers. In fact, we carry the top brands to outfit and accessorize all major truck manufacturers. We strive to provide experience and professional customer service to ensure our customers’ truck accessories needs are satisfied. 

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions you may have about Leer truck caps and help you find the right one to get the job (or adventure) done! For Leer truck caps in the Aurora area, come to The Truck Shop. If you can’t make it to our showroom, then browse our website or give us a call at 847-455-2233 or Contact Us.