Truck Bed Liner Types

If you are a proud owner of a truck, you’re probably used to hauling cargo for yourself or friends. With heavy items coming in and out of your truck bed, it’s best to keep it protected with a truck bed liner in Arlington Heights!

Truck bed liners protect truck beds from being scratched and from UV rays, corrosion, weather and water.

Why should I get a truck bed liner?

A truck is a big investment, so it makes sense to do what you can to protect that investment. Truck bed liners protect the bed of your brand-new truck, keeping it safe and clean.

Beyond just protecting the truck bed, truck bed liners also improve ride comfort by reducing vibrations, provide cargo protection by adding traction and keeping cargo in place, and enhance the appearance of your truck by keeping it looking clean.


There are two main types of bed liners offered here at The Truck Shop, Penda bedliners and Bedrug truck bed liners. Both offer their own advantages, so it really boils down to which is the better fit for your truck and lifestyle!

truck bed liner Arlington Heights

Penda Bedliners

Penda bedliners offer up to two times the skid resistance of other drop in or spray on bedliners. They feature a ribbed design to protect against dents and scrapes. Proudly made in the USA, Penda bedliners help to drain water away from the truck bed and are resistant to gasoline, oil and other chemicals.

One of the biggest perks to Penda bedliners is their no drill installation. Instead, they use tie down hole caps to keep them in place.

Arlington Heights truck bed liner

Bedrug Truck Bed Liners

Bedrug truck bed liners feature a ¾” cushioned floor that protects your knees while positioning cargo in your truck bed. They also feature rugged construction to handle heavy cargo with ease. Also proudly made in the USA, Bedrug truck bed liners feature an anti-skid surface to prevent cargo from sliding around and becoming damaged. All of this on top of the already discussed damage prevention that bed liners are designed for!

A final unsuspected advantage of Bedrug truck bed liners is their easy to clean nature! They are waterproof, stain and chemical resistant and can be easily cleaned with water!

Have you decided which type of truck bed liner you want in Arlington Heights or the surrounding areas? Or maybe you have more questions about which would be best for you? Call The Truck Shop today at 847-455-2233 or contact us!