Tonneau Covers: Roll-Up versus Snap Covers

So you’re thinking about getting a tonneau cover for your truck – but what kind should you look at? There are so many options out there that deciding which is right for you and your truck may be overwhelming. That’s where we come in – we can help you find the perfect tonneau cover near Schaumburg!

Let’s start with figuring out what type of tonneau cover fits your lifestyle best: roll-up or snap covers?  While there are other types of tonneau covers you can consider, these are two popular types, so let’s compare!

First, installation: snap covers tend to take a bit longer to install and be ready for use – up to an hour sometimes – whereas roll-up covers can be installed and ready for use in about 20 minutes! The time differences continue into general use after installation: snap covers take a bit longer because you have to roll up the cover, then remove both the bows and back rail, whereas roll-up covers have the bows and back rail attached and roll up all as one, self-contained.

Tonneau Covers Schaumburg

Now that you’ve installed and removed the cover for the first time, how do you put it back? For roll-up covers, you generally just have to roll it back down, but snap covers need to be rolled back, and then snapped back into place.

There are definitely some differences in how much of a time commitment installation and use of roll-up covers require versus snap covers, but is timing the only factor that should be considered?

Another main point to consider is pricing. Typically, snap covers cost less than roll-up covers – which to some could make up for the increased time investment that they require throughout their use.

Appearance is another major thing to consider for most people, because you all want your truck to look good! The roll-up covers tend to lay more flush with the sides of your truck bed, while snap covers have a little bit of raise in the middle due to the bows.

As you can see, there are pros and cons to each of these types of tonneau covers – so it mainly boils down to what best fits your lifestyle and your aesthetic. If you’re still unsure, or you don’t think either roll-up or snap covers are perfect for your lifestyle, call us at (847) 455-2233 or contact us to talk to someone who can help you figure out which tonneau cover is best for your truck in Schaumburg.