Step Bars, Running Boards or Side Steps?

Step bars, running boards and side steps – when it comes to adding on to your prized possession, there are plenty of options. Choosing the right accessory for your truck boils down to your wants and needs for your truck, but that doesn’t mean the decision will be easy. When considering step bars in Schaumburg, trust The Truck Shop to have your best interest in mind.

In fact, that’s why we have compiled a short guide to step bars, running boards and side steps! While their main function is to help you get into your truck, there are other things to know about each option. Keep reading to learn more about their differences to help aid in your decision!

steps bars Schaumburg

Step Bars

Step bars fall into the middle of the three options when it comes to space that they require. As the middle option when comparing how compact these options are, they boast a few other benefits. Step bars are thinner than running boards and leave some extra space between the step and the vehicle. Their shape prevents buildups of snow and dirt, and due to their smaller size, they blend into the vehicle better than running boards.

Running Boards

Running boards will typically run the whole length of the cab of your truck. They are long and flat and boast good clearance from the ground. Running boards are going to be the sturdiest option as most come designed with traction to allow you safe and easy access to your truck. Beyond that, their installation is simple and they provide higher weight capacity than the other options. And in some cases, they can even be retractable to minimize space required.

running boards Schaumburg

Side Steps

Possibly the simplest of the options, a side step does not run the length of your truck and is exactly what it sounds like. It is a step on the side of your truck intended to give you a boost to get into the cab of your truck.  As these are fairly simple and smaller, they do not stick out much or require a lot of space, which is one of their main benefits. However, if you are looking for more of a foothold than one small step, one of the previous options may be best for you.

All the options can seem confusing at first, but don’t worry! Here at The Truck Shop we are happy to answer any questions and help you come to the decision that is best for you and your truck.

Have you decided which is the best fit? No matter if you choose running boards, side steps or step bars – choose the best shop for all your truck accessories in Schaumburg and the rest of the Chicagoland area! Call The Truck Shop today at 847-455-2233 or contact us!