Running Boards: Benefits & Winter Maintenance

Pickup truck owners have the most passion for vehicles around, and whether your preferences put you behind the wheel of a Ford F-150, a Toyota Tacoma, or anything in-between, you have likely noticed the many accessories available to help you master the harder hauling and towing jobs. Some of the most popular and practical truck accessories are running boards. Aurora area truck owners come to The Truck Shop for all of their truck accessory needs and we look forward to helping you find the right running boards for your truck. We also can offer you important tips to help keep your running boards looking and functioning as you’d like them to.

running boards Aurora

First of all, there are many great benefits to having running boards installed on your vehicle. Running boards have the advantage of both aesthetics and practicality. Because of the extra foot support, many people have attributed them to the lowered number of falls getting in and out of trucks. This also lowers the potential for damage the side of your car will experience because of misdirected road debris. 

But if you decide to have your truck detailed, you should first make sure your detailing professionals pay close attention to the running board to keep from damaging it. And remember, whenever snow and dirt start to accumulate on the running board, it can make the truck look dirtier than what it is. So make sure to keep your running boards clean in order to avoid a slippery, unsafe surface or dirty appearance.

Running boards typically run the length of the vehicle’s cabin. The “board” terminology refers to their flat, rectangular shape. This allows them to be mounted closer to the truck for better protection and ground clearance. In addition, they provide a stepping surface along the entire length of the board. This feature is particularly great when loading items on the roof.

For anyone who needs that extra step to get in and out of your truck, running boards offer that essential step up. That’s why here at The Truck Shop we only carry the very best. Luverne running boards are made in the USA and feature a functional design, durable construction, and a custom fit.

So, when you are in the market for running boards, come to the experts at the Truck Shop. We will work with you to find the right one for your truck and budget.

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