Pros and Cons of Running Boards

If you own a truck (or an SUV), then you may be considering adding a running board. Running boards provide additional convenience when accessing your truck or SUV, specifically to those a foot or higher off the ground. However, while that may be their main purpose, it’s not the only reason to get running boards in Naperville.

When considering whether a running board is right for your truck, check out the following pros and cons. If that’s not enough to help you make a decision, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help talk you through your options!


Ease of Access to Truck

The main pro that everyone knows is the ease of access to your truck. No more climbing or jumping to get into your vehicle, but instead you can just simply step up! This ease of access can help the driver and passengers alike, especially for kids or passengers with mobility issues.

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Protection Against Debris

While this job typically falls to mud flaps, some rocks and debris can still manage to make their way to your truck – especially while off-roading. Running boards add another layer of protection to the paint of your truck, keeping it from receiving scratches!

Keep Interior Clean

When you add a running board, another unintended benefit is the additional cleanliness that the inside of your truck will experience. With some running boards coming with perforated grate designs meant to wipe off your shoes, you can leave some of the dirt on the outside rather than tracking it inside.


Accumulate Dirt

As you may expect with the added benefit of keeping your truck’s interior clean, running boards do tend to accumulate dirt. Whether that dirt comes from your shoes, snow or other debris while driving through dirt and mud – it accumulates all the same and can cause your truck to appear dirtier than it is.

Low Weight Limit

Depending on the type of running board you choose, the weight limit can be fairly low. If you want your running boards to withstand higher weights, then make sure to look into heavier duty options!

Affect Ground Clearance

As one can expect, running boards also lower ground clearance. Since they are designed to be a step up to your truck, they are typically lower than the body of your vehicle and can lower the amount of space you have. However, some options are available that lower when you need to step in – so there are options to avoid this causing too much impact!

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