Fiberglass Truck Caps Vs. Aluminum & How to Find the Right One for You

Your truck is an extension of you or your brand; it says a lot about how you do things. That’s why, when it’s time to buy a truck cap, it’s important to invest in the right one for your unique needs. The main reason to buy a truck cap is to create a large storage space on the truck that’s weatherproof. While some truck owners want this space to be secure for storing products or tools and others want it to be comfortable enough to camp in, most are trying to turn their truck bed into a very large, great looking trunk space. And, fiberglass truck caps are the best way to do just that. As the trusted name in fiberglass truck caps for Aurora and surrounding areas, we’d like to tell you more about them and how to find the right one for you.

fiberglass truck caps aurora

First of all, fiberglass truck caps can transform your truck bed into an enclosed space for weather-resistant transportation. Having the space enclosed with a customized fiberglass truck cap also allows for the secure transportation of possessions when moving from one location to another. You can confidently leave your items unattended by locking the cap. 

In comparison to aluminum truck caps which are almost always white, fiberglass truck caps typically look great and are often painted to match your truck’s factory paint job. And over time,  aluminum toppers (especially the least expensive toppers) tend to look dingy and dented. Fiberglass offers a completely seamless look while providing excellent protection for your truck bed. 

Ready to shop fiberglass truck caps? Here are some questions to ask in order to help find the right one for your needs:

  • Want access to the entire bed? If so, you probably want a topper with side-opening windows. 
  • Need to protect expensive gear? Defeating a simple cam lock on a basic topper is easy as can be, which is why most commercial systems use heavy-duty steel or aluminum locking mechanisms. There are also locking drawers, toolboxes, etc. available.
  • Need room to stand, crouch or for tall cargo? You want a “high rise” topper that advertises lots of headroom and/or a tall design.
  • Do you want to mount something to the roof of your topper? You’ll want roof rails and a roof rack.
  • Are you a construction worker or contractor? Not only are contractor-grade fiberglass truck caps available, but modifying your existing cap to a work vehicle can easily be done. A locking side toolbox is another great addition for a contractor.

To learn more about fiberglass truck caps in the Aurora area, call us at The Truck Shop, Inc. at 847-455-2233, or you can contact us to get a Free Estimate.