Protect & Enhance Your Truck with These Top Truck Accessories

This time of year, we see snow, salt and sand on the roads. But, that doesn’t mean life stops and work comes to a halt! There is still much to be done. So, protect and enhance your truck with top truck accessories from tool boxes to bed liners. The truck accessories we carry for all of Chicago can not only enhance the outside of your truck – making the bed functional and adding accessories to show your style, but benefit the inside as well. Especially in winter, your truck needs that extra TLC. Here at The Truck Shop, we have everything you need! Here are some truck accessories you will want for your vehicle in order to get the most out of them in the New Year.

Whether you work out of your truck, use it as your daily driver or just have it for fun, we can help you get the truck accessories you need.

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The part of your truck’s interior that needs extra protection is the floor. With snow covered shoes or muddy work boots, you need floor liners that will keep the water and mess from ruining your interior. We carry several brands and styles of floor liners to do just that. Our WeatherTech® FloorLiners are laser measured for a custom fit for each vehicle make and model. The mats are designed to keep your interior carpet clean.

And with all that snow and ice, your truck bed could use some protection as well. Here at The Truck Shop, one of our specialties is truck bed liners. Penda bed liners offer up to twice the skid resistance of other drop in or spray on bed liners. These are made of plastic and specifically made for your unique truck. When it comes to drop in liners, we are particularly fond of the skid-resistant drop in bed liner made by Penda. They cover any existing flaws in your truck bed and protect the truck from further damage. 

And, bedrug truck bed liners feature rugged construction to handle heavy cargo. They also feature an anti-skid surface to prevent cargo from sliding. There are many pros to the BedRug. No damage to your bed, they look awesome and they are easy on the knees when you crawl into your truck bed.

Weather Guard Tool Boxes - Truck Bed Organization

Work out of your truck? Then you’ll want a Weather Guard tool box. Weather Guard tool boxes feature diamond plated patterns with an ARMOR TUF clear coat finish to ensure years of durability and dependability. You should also consider a Bed Slide. A Bed Slide can turn your pickup bed into a large, half ton capacity drawer allowing you to reach for anything safely from your tailgate.

Step bars and step boards allow you to get in and out of your vehicle safely. This is especially important with uneven ground caused by ice and slush. 

These are just some of the truck accessories that can help you get the most out of your vehicle in the New Year. Whatever you need for your truck, we can help! To learn more about truck accessories in Chicago, call us at The Truck Shop, Inc. at 847-455-2233, or you can contact us to get a Free Estimate. Or you can visit our showroom in Franklin Park.