Commercial Truck Caps & Features Essential for Your Fleet

Truck owners love truck caps and toppers for a multitude of reasons, but the main reason to buy a topper is to create a large truck storage space that’s weatherproof. While some truck owners want their trucks to look great, most business owners also want this space to be secure as well as turn their truck bed into a very large, well organized trunk space. As the experts in commercial truck caps for Naperville and the surrounding areas, we would like to break down some of the topper options available for your fleet.

commercial truck caps Naperville
  • Are you looking to protect and secure valuable tools or gear? Defeating a simple cam lock on a basic topper can be easy, which is why most commercial systems use heavy-duty steel or aluminum locking mechanisms. There are also locking drawers, toolboxes, etc. available.
  • Do you need to access the entire truck bed during a job? If so, you probably want a topper with side-opening windows. Most commercial toppers have this feature, only some commercial trucks are starting to use sliding bed cargo trays instead, as they’re a little more convenient than sticking your head through the side window of a topper. 
  • Need built in toolbox capacity? Bedslides turn your pickup bed into a large, half ton capacity drawer allowing you to reach for anything safely from your tailgate. The BEDTRAX T-slots organize and attach sport racks. The BEDSLIDE is constructed with 100% weather-resistant and heavy-duty materials. DECKED storage systems are low profile truck bed tool box systems that feature toolbox slides to store tools, gear and other items in heavy-duty drawers at waist height, while allowing the truck owner to have full use of their truck or van bed.
  • Do you need to mount something to the roof of your topper? Some businesses need to mount ladders or other gear up top. In this case, you’ll likely want a topper with roof rails.
  • Are you looking for high quality, lasting commercial truck caps that look great too? We carry industry leading LEER and Swiss fiberglass caps, which are custom fit, painted and can be ordered with an extensive variety of options to meet your particular commercial truck cap needs. They offer a sleek, professional look to give your fleet that added edge.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, we can help find the right commercial truck caps to meet your unique needs. To learn more about commercial truck caps for your Naperville area business, stop by our showroom, browse our website or give us a call at 847-455-2233 or Contact Us.