Choosing the Right Commercial Truck Caps

If you are considering a commercial truck cap for your work truck, chances are you understand the need for a fully outfitted work truck. Rather than investing in a new work truck that fits the demands of your job, often it is cheaper and more fun to outfit your truck yourself! Not only do you get to save money, but you also get to choose the exact truck accessories that will work best for your work.

When you are ready to invest in commercial truck caps in Chicago, call The Truck Shop! We carry a wide variety of truck caps and other accessories to outfit your truck with everything you need to transport your tools and complete jobs with efficiency!

Choosing the right commercial truck cap can be a lengthy process if you aren’t aware of all of the options available to you. Luckily, our professionals are happy to make recommendations based on your needs! However, if you want to do some investigating on your own first – here’s some more information about the options available to you!

Commercial truck caps often come in steel, aluminum or fiberglass – each with their own pros and cons.

commercial truck caps Chicago
  • Steel tends to be cheaper than aluminum while also being more heavy duty.
  • Aluminum is lighter-weight, so it doesn’t weigh your truck down, but tends to be more expensive than steel.
  • Fiberglass is generally heavier than aluminum but experience a tighter fit to the truck cab.

You can often choose between types and placements of doors as well depending on the amount of access points and required size of access points:

  • Lift-up rear door
  • Vertical rear doors
  • Lift-up side door (one side)
  • Lift-up side door (both sides)

Plus, you can often choose different heights for your commercial truck caps. Whether you need a covered, portable workstation or simply a covered bed to store tools and equipment, there’s a truck cap for you!

Finally, you can choose between a permanent or removable truck cap. If you only need a cap for a job or two, consider an option that is more easily removable, but if you need it for all future jobs, a more permanent option may be a better fit for you!

When you need commercial truck caps in Chicago, don’t feel overwhelmed by the options. Call The Truck Shop today at 847-455-2233 to talk to an expert or contact us!