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Pros and Cons of Truck Caps

truck caps chicago

If you are looking for a truck cap, chances are you greatly value your truck. Maybe it’s the envy of your friend group, or maybe you just couldn’t imagine getting your work done without it. Your truck is reliable and tough – but you want to make sure that it remains tough for years to… Read more »

Truck Bed Liner Types

If you are a proud owner of a truck, you’re probably used to hauling cargo for yourself or friends. With heavy items coming in and out of your truck bed, it’s best to keep it protected with a truck bed liner in Arlington Heights! Truck bed liners protect truck beds from being scratched and from… Read more »

Pros and Cons of Running Boards

If you own a truck (or an SUV), then you may be considering adding a running board. Running boards provide additional convenience when accessing your truck or SUV, specifically to those a foot or higher off the ground. However, while that may be their main purpose, it’s not the only reason to get running boards… Read more »

Caring for Your Truck Caps

truck caps schaumburg

The warm weather has finally arrived, and Chicago is coming out of hibernation. From washing cars to tackling long overdue yard work to taking trips, Chicagoans are getting outdoors again. One must-have for spring and summer is a pickup truck. Pickup trucks can haul what’s needed for work and play. And, what’s a pickup truck… Read more »